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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Hearing Health FAQs serve as a roadmap for your journey to better hearing. They encompass topics like recognizing and diagnosing hearing issues, delving into the realm of hearing aids, and making informed choices. Whether you need advice on maintenance or cost-related insights, this resource is your one-stop shop for all matters concerning your hearing.

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Matthew T. Wellnitz (Dogman0313)
Matthew T. Wellnitz (Dogman0313)
Spending three hours chatting with the audiologist. I guess it's fair to say that I was enjoying myself. The receptionist is also a very nice lady and over the top at being helpful. It was one of the best hearing experiences I have ever been through.
Good people. Good products.
James Hartle
James Hartle
Excellent service. I am visiting in Beaverton from Texas and needed a repair to may Resound hearing aids. They saw me right away and fixed my Resound GS. Excellent service. I appreciated there quick service and friendly business. Thank you.
Bruce Goya
Bruce Goya
Recently moved to Portland and needed to find a place to adjust my OTICON aids and replace the rechargeable batteries. The Able Hearing, Beaverton office, provided the hearing test, adjusted the aids, then helped to secure new rechargeable batteries free from OTICON, and installed them. Professional, efficient, pocketbook friendly - I found my go-to Hearing Aid health care center.
Alan Levin
Alan Levin
We made the appointment to have our Starkey hearing aids adjusted. We were happy with the service.
Kristy Jensen
Kristy Jensen
I was recommeded by a friend when my usual hearing center in another city did not respond to any form of contact during the Covid pandemic. I was in need of immediate assistance for a hearing aid that was not working. After a few months with Able Hearing I felt like family. I am so happy with the new features including blue tooth for my phone. Staff is well organized and everyone very knowledgeable and helpful.
Judith Greenwell
Judith Greenwell
I noticed my aid was not functioning very well. Was very worried I would need a new one. The office worked me in quickly. They fixed the issue while I was there. No charge!! Wahoo!
D Brockl
D Brockl
This place was great in a time of pandemic they took care of everything I needed quickly and professionally
Bill Leiken
Bill Leiken
experience with Able Hearing has been first rate from the initial exam to follow up with adjustments and verification of settings. One of the best places I've dealt with in the last couple of years for any product or service.
Jay Meredith
Jay Meredith
I came to Abel Hearing because they were the only Hearing Aid provider acceptable to United Health Care, my Medicare Advantage Plan provider. That said, Abel Hearing has been an excellent company to work with, spending several hours over 3+ visits to help me determine what was the best product for me and to customize my hearing aid solution to my hearing and communication needs. I chose a rechargable, programmable Unitron receiver-in-the-ear device that supports 3 different hearing programs and connects to my mobile phone via bluetooth. The staff at Able Hearing let me take the demo devices home for several weeks to test various configurations under real conditions until I was satisfied. Only then did they take my order for new devices. I am very happy with the product and the time they took to educate me about my hearing aids. Regards, Jay Meredith, Beaverton, Oregon

Exploring Hearing Loss and Its Impact

Discover the signs, triggers, and consequences of hearing loss. Find out the importance of early hearing assessments and learn how to safeguard your auditory well-being.

Why do I need a hearing assessment before buying hearing aids?

A hearing assessment pinpoints the nature and extent of your hearing impairment. This information is crucial for recommending the most suitable hearing aids tailored to your specific requirements.

I've noticed changes in my hearing, but I'm unsure if I need a hearing aid. What should I look for?

Common indicators of hearing loss encompass struggles in following conversations, upping the volume on electronic gadgets, and frequent requests for repetitions. If you encounter these challenges, it’s advisable to schedule a hearing assessment.

Can hearing loss be prevented?

Although not all forms of hearing loss are preventable, you can reduce your vulnerability. Minimize prolonged exposure to loud sounds, employ protective hearing gear as needed, and undergo regular hearing check-ups.

At what age do people typically begin using hearing aids?

Hearing loss can affect individuals across various age groups, but it’s more prevalent in older adults, with many starting to use hearing aids in their 60s or 70s.

Can I assess my hearing at home?

While some online tests may offer a basic evaluation of your hearing, they can’t replace the comprehensive hearing assessments conducted by professionals.

Is hearing loss reversible?

Certain types of hearing loss, such as those triggered by earwax blockages or infections, can be alleviated with treatment. However, sensorineural hearing loss, stemming from inner ear damage, is usually permanent.

How frequently should I undergo hearing assessments?

If you’re over 50 or frequently exposed to loud noises, an annual hearing test is recommended. Nevertheless, if you detect sudden alterations in your hearing, it’s advisable to schedule a test without delay.

Are there signs of hearing loss?

Hearing loss signs can encompass struggling to follow conversations, constantly adjusting electronic device volumes, frequently requesting repetitions from others, and encountering tinnitus (ringing or buzzing in the ears). If you or someone you’re acquainted with exhibits these indicators, seeking a hearing evaluation from a healthcare professional is recommended.

What does a hearing assessment entail?

A hearing assessment involves a discussion of your medical history, an examination of your ears, and various tests to measure your hearing abilities. The results help determine the type and severity of any hearing loss and guide treatment recommendations, such as hearing aids or medical intervention.

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Through our ongoing support and education, we ensure our clients achieve the best possible results and can make informed choices about their hearing health.

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Exploring Your Hearing Aid Options

Take a deep dive into the realm of hearing aids. When choosing the right one, gain insights into the various styles, their functioning, and essential considerations. Find answers to common questions regarding upkeep, comfort, and the advantages of digital hearing aids.

What should I keep in mind when picking a hearing aid?

Take into account your lifestyle, the places you frequent, your budget, the extent of your hearing loss, and your comfort and aesthetic preferences.

How do different hearing aid styles affect their performance?

The style impacts how the hearing aid fits in or on your ear, the size of the battery, the naturalness of the sound, and the level of amplification it can provide. Your audiologist can provide guidance on these aspects.

Can I try out a hearing aid before making a decision?

Certainly, we offer a trial period for hearing aids. This allows you to experience the benefits of the device in your daily life before making a commitment.

How long does it take to adjust to a new hearing aid?

Adjustment times can vary. Some individuals may adapt within a few weeks, while others may require a few months. Consistent usage and periodic adjustments can expedite this process.

Are there hearing aids that remain hidden when worn?

Indeed, there are such options. Completely-in-canal (CIC) and invisible-in-canal (IIC) hearing aids are designed to sit deep within the ear canal, rendering them nearly invisible.

What advantages do digital hearing aids offer?

Digital hearing aids provide clear sound quality, advanced features like noise reduction and connectivity to other devices, and the ability to be tailored to your specific hearing loss.

How should I clean and maintain my hearing aids?

Routine cleaning using a soft, dry cloth and monitoring for wax buildup are essential. Storing them in a dry, cool place is also crucial. In-depth cleaning should be carried out by a professional.

Can I wear hearing aids during sports or physical activities?

Most hearing aids are constructed to endure regular physical activities. However, they may need to be removed for contact sports or swimming unless they are explicitly designed to be water-resistant.

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Making Informed Decisions for Your Hearing Health

The final stages of your hearing aid purchase need not be overwhelming. Learn about pricing, support services, warranties, and what to anticipate post-purchase. Get clarity on returns, upgrades, and how to extend the lifespan of your hearing aids.

I'm concerned about the cost of hearing aids. Are there payment plans or financial assistance options available?

We understand that cost can be a significant concern. Our team can provide guidance on insurance coverage, financing alternatives, and potential subsidies to make hearing solutions more attainable.

What kind of assistance and follow-up care can I expect after acquiring my hearing aids?

We offer comprehensive aftercare, including routine hearing aid check-ups and adjustments, cleaning services, and ongoing assistance to ensure you derive maximum benefit from your hearing aids.

What should I do if my hearing aids require repairs or adjustments?

Our center provides dependable repair and adjustment services for all types of hearing aids. We are here to ensure your aids function optimally to suit your specific requirements.

What is the warranty period for the hearing aids?

Warranty durations differ by manufacturer, but most hearing aids come with a warranty that covers repairs stemming from manufacturing defects for a specified period. We will explain these particulars during your consultation.

Can I return or exchange the hearing aids if I'm not satisfied?

We want to guarantee your contentment with your investment. If you are not completely satisfied, we offer a grace period within which you can return or exchange the hearing aids.

How long is the typical lifespan of my hearing aids?

With proper care and maintenance, most hearing aids endure for approximately 5-7 years. Nevertheless, your personal experience may vary depending on the specific model and how well you maintain the device.

What should I do when my hearing aids near the end of their lifespan?

When your hearing aids approach the end of their lifespan, we suggest scheduling an appointment. We can discuss options for upgrading to a newer model that aligns with your present requirements.

Can I upgrade my hearing aids?

Certainly, you can upgrade your hearing aids. We offer a range of newer models equipped with advanced features to enhance your hearing experience.

How can Able Hearing Beaverton assist me in enhancing my hearing health after the purchase?

Our commitment extends beyond your purchase. We provide ongoing support, regular hearing aid check-ups, adjustments, cleaning, and guidance to aid in your adaptation and maximize the advantages of your hearing aids.

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