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Phonak Hearing Aids in Beaverton, Oregon

Able Hearing, located in Beaverton, Oregon, specializes in audiology services and offers the advanced Phonak Hearing Aids.

Leveraging our innovative and dependable team and advanced diagnostic equipment, we provide personalized hearing solutions to our patients.

Phonak Hearing Aids provide a seamless hearing experience, and our full-service care ensures optimal usage.

We are dedicated to patient education, focusing on compassionate care.

Choose Able Hearing for your Phonak Hearing aids for an improved hearing experience.

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Sandy Leonard
Sandy Leonard
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I have used hearing aids over 40 years. Recently I changed my supplier to ABLE. My last Audiologist said they couldn't help me any longer. Not only did James at ABLE find a solution, the best end result is my wife no longer needs to repeat herself and we now communicate while driving. I'm glad to recommend Able,for service and knowledge.
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I just had a great experience at Abel Hearing with the provider. James is my father most helpful yet I’ve ever had there. Explain things well and for anybody taking care of her hearing and hearing loss it would be a great asset. I will. I will definitely continue working with Abel Hearing For my future Hearing health.
Denise Arvidson
Denise Arvidson
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We were traveling and needed assistance. The office staff went above and beyond to help us out. Excellent service.
Maureen Williams
Maureen Williams
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I am very satisfied with the service from Able Hearing. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable.
Kathy Baker
Kathy Baker
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Since Lucas and Judy left the service has deteriorated. The new people are rude, impolite and unhelpful.
Matthew T. Wellnitz (Dogman0313)
Matthew T. Wellnitz (Dogman0313)
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Spending three hours chatting with the audiologist. I guess it's fair to say that I was enjoying myself. The receptionist is also a very nice lady and over the top at being helpful. It was one of the best hearing experiences I have ever been through.
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Good people. Good products.
James Hartle
James Hartle
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Excellent service. I am visiting in Beaverton from Texas and needed a repair to may Resound hearing aids. They saw me right away and fixed my Resound GS. Excellent service. I appreciated there quick service and friendly business. Thank you.
Bruce Goya
Bruce Goya
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Recently moved to Portland and needed to find a place to adjust my OTICON aids and replace the rechargeable batteries. The Able Hearing, Beaverton office, provided the hearing test, adjusted the aids, then helped to secure new rechargeable batteries free from OTICON, and installed them. Professional, efficient, pocketbook friendly - I found my go-to Hearing Aid health care center.

Trust Able Hearing for Dependable Phonak Hearing Aids in Beaverton, Oregon

You’re likely in search of a reliable audiology service that prioritizes patient education.

Able Hearing in Beaverton, Oregon, is a perfect match.

They’re dedicated to providing you with Phonak Hearing Aids, a leading brand in the industry.

Their core value is dependability, so you can be sure that they’ll be there for you every step of the way.

Able Hearing doesn’t just provide a service; they ensure you understand the process, the equipment, and how to maximize its benefits.

Their dedicated patient education approach embodies their dependability, as they are committed to ensuring you’re comfortable and knowledgeable about your hearing aid.

So, if you’re in Beaverton, Oregon, and need a trustworthy audiology service for your Phonak Hearing Aids, consider Able Hearing.

You’ll appreciate their dedication to providing a dependable service and prioritizing patient education.

In summary, choosing Able Hearing Beaverton, OR for your Phonak Hearing Aids needs means you can expect:

Advanced Hearing Technology in Beaverton

Expert Hearing Care Solutions

Customized, Full-Service Hearing Aids

Dedicated to Patient Education

Dependable and Compassionate Service

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Why Choose Us


At Able Hearing Beaverton, we believe our clients should turn to us for their hearing aid consultations because of our dedication to top-notch care and a compassionate, reliable approach.

Our highly skilled experts use state-of-the-art technology to offer precise evaluations and customized solutions tailored to each person's unique needs.

Choosing the right hearing aid is a big decision, so we take the time to listen to our patients and understand their concerns and preferences.

Through our ongoing support and education, we ensure our clients achieve the best possible results and can make informed choices about their hearing health.

Trust Able Hearing Beaverton for excellent hearing aid consultations that enhance your quality of life.


Experienced experts delivering outstanding hearing aid care.


State-of-the-art technology for the best hearing aid assistance.


We provide quick and dependable hearing aid assistance without breaking the bank.


Your happiness is what matters most to us. Rely on us for all your hearing aid requirements.

Overcoming Hearing Loss with Phonak Hearing Aids

Living with hearing loss isn’t a walk in the park, and you’re likely searching for the best solution to improve your quality of life.

Phonak Hearing Aids are designed to give you that solution.

They’re not just about amplifying sounds, but about improving your overall hearing experience.

It’s about transforming your everyday life into a symphony of sounds that you’re able to engage with, comprehend, and appreciate.

Phonak Hearing Aids are at the forefront of hearing loss treatment.

With their state-of-the-art technology, they can adapt to the specific needs of your hearing impairment.

Whether it’s a casual conversation at a café, or the soft rustle of leaves in the park, Phonak ensures you won’t miss a beat.

Their AutoSense OS technology seamlessly adjusts to your surroundings, providing you with a personalized hearing experience.

It’s like having a sound engineer with you, fine-tuning your hearing aid to every sound environment.

Treating hearing loss with Phonak Hearing Aids is not a mere transaction, but a journey.

You’ll have access to a team of experts who understand your unique needs and are committed to improving your hearing health.

They’ll guide you through the process, from the initial fitting of your hearing aids to routine check-ups and adjustments.

The goal isn’t just to restore your hearing, but to enhance it—to give you a richer, fuller sound experience that you might have thought was out of reach.

Discover Advanced Hearing Care at Able Hearing in Beaverton, Oregon.

Our expert team, state-of-the-art technology, and individualized approach guarantee top-notch hearing solutions.

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Trustworthy Phonak Hearing Aids At Able Hearing in Beaverton, Oregon

At Able Hearing, we understand how crucial clear communication is in your everyday life.

That’s why we’re dedicated to offering you the most innovative solutions like Phonak Hearing Aids.

We’re not just dependable; we’re compassionate, too.

We understand that the world can seem a bit too silent at times, but with our help, you’ll be back to enjoying the sounds of life in no time.

Trust us to guide you through the process of selecting and adjusting your Phonak Hearing Aids, ensuring you get the best possible hearing experience.

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Why are Phonak Hearing Aids Vital for Your Hearing Health?

Do you often find yourself struggling to hear what others are saying?

Are you constantly turning up the volume on your TV or radio?

It’s possible that you’re dealing with hearing loss.

But don’t worry, Phonak Hearing Aids can help.

Phonak Hearing Aids aren’t just any regular hearing aids, they’re a game changer.

They’re designed to seamlessly fit in your daily life, providing you with excellent sound quality without any discomfort.

With Phonak, you’re not just buying a device, you’re investing in a tool that will drastically improve your quality of life.

Their cutting-edge technology ensures that you’ll be able to participate in conversations, even in noisy environments.

Don’t let hearing loss hold you back, let Phonak Hearing Aids bring the world of sound back to you.

Experience Unmatched Clarity with Phonak Hearing Aids at Able Hearing

You’re probably wondering why Phonak Hearing Aids?

Well, they’re renowned for their exceptional sound quality and versatility.

In fact, Able Hearing is committed to ensuring your hearing health is not only restored but enhanced through these advanced devices.

You’ll appreciate the clear sound reproduction that Phonak Hearing Aids offer.

No more straining to hear or misinterpreting sounds.

They’re designed to deliver the most accurate sound possible, making your daily interactions more enjoyable.

What’s more, they come in a wide range of options, so you’re sure to find one that perfectly fits your needs and lifestyle.

And it doesn’t stop there.

Phonak Hearing Aids are designed to leave you thoroughly satisfied.

The user-friendly features coupled with top-notch performance ensure you get the best out of your hearing aid.

So, when you choose Phonak, you’re not just choosing a hearing aid, you’re choosing a partner committed to your hearing health.

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Got Questions?


What are Phonak Hearing Aids?

Phonak Hearing Aids are advanced hearing devices we offer at Able Hearing. They are designed to improve hearing and provide you with a better quality of life.

Can you help me choose the right Phonak Hearing Aid for me?

Absolutely! Our expert team will work with you to understand your specific needs and help you select the best Phonak Hearing Aid model that’s right for you.

Are Phonak Hearing Aids difficult to use?

No, they’re not. Phonak Hearing Aids are user-friendly. We’ll also provide you with thorough instructions and dedicated patient education to ensure you’re comfortable using your new hearing aid.

Can Phonak Hearing Aids be adjusted for my hearing needs?

Yes, they can. Phonak Hearing Aids are fully customizable to your specific hearing needs. Our team will make sure your device is adjusted properly to give you the best hearing experience.

What if I have issues with my Phonak Hearing Aid?

Don’t worry, we’re here for you. At Able Hearing, we provide full-service care for our patients. If you’re having any issues with your Phonak Hearing Aid, just let us know and we’ll promptly assist you.